Unidos Por Puerto Rico Fundraiser

In fall of 2017 Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico resulting in thousands of deaths.  Many people on the island are still without dependable power, 283 public schools were closed and will not reopen next year and looting is still an issue.  Fein Brothers has several employees with strong ties to Puerto Rico and because of this we would like to do what we can to help.

Puerto RIco

Fein Brothers has several employees with family ties to Puerto Rico.  This summer, one employee went home to visit their family and told Todd (Fein Brothers’ co-owner) the condition Puerto Rico was in.  Todd was told of the undependable power, the looting and how some of his family were living in a bus.  Saddened by the state that Puerto Ricans were living in, Todd wanted to do something to help.

Fein Brothers reached out to our customers to see if they would be interested in participating in a fundraiser by donating a portion of sales from select menu items.  We let them select the menu item as well as how much they would like to donate from that item and for what time frame.   We felt that getting our customers involved would be the best way to raise the most money.  And as an incentive to each restaurant (a little friendly competition), the restaurant that raises the most amount of money will get a $500 Fein Brothers gift card.  All money raised will be donated to Unidos Por Puerto Rico (https://www.unidosporpuertorico.com/about-us/).

United for Puerto Rico Logo

Below are a list of the participating restaurants:

Brandywine :(Cedarburg): $3 from each Cucumber Ginger Margarita sold through Oct. 31

Braise :$2 from each Puerto Rican inspired Flor de Maga cocktail sold through Oct. 31

Café Corazon :(Riverwest and Bay View): $2 from every burrito sold through Oct. 29

Café LuLu :$2 from each special Puerto Rican Pork Sandwich through Oct. 21

La Merenda :$1 from every beef empanada sold through Oct. 31

Lakefront Brewery Beer Hall :$1 from every cheese curd sale through Jan. 15

Purple Door Ice Cream :$1 from every ice cream mini flight sold through Oct. 13

Also participating:

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative was unable to participate but has donated $300 to the cause.

Poster for online 10.8

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