Meta House Kitchen Supply Drive Results

In November I wrote about the kitchen supply drive Fein Brothers was hosting to benefit Meta House.  Today, we have delivered nearly $3,000 of donated goods!  During the two months Fein Brothers hosted the kitchen supply drive, we offered needed supplies at a discount for those kind enough to donate to Meta House.  Our customers donated about $500 worth of supplies.  After sharing the list of donated items with Meta House, we asked them to select $2,500 worth of goods that they needed most and Fein Brothers would donate those items.

The idea of a kitchen supply drive was first pitched to Riverwest SOUP in September at a community-wide event.  While Meta House was not selected as the project to fund, Riverwest SOUP felt that this was a worthy cause and contacted Fein Brothers’ owner, Todd Minkin.  Todd offered the needed supplies at a discount for those generous enough to donate, as well as a personal donation of 10% of Fein Brothers’ in-store November and December sales.  “Giving back to the community is important, without them we wouldn’t be here” said Todd Minkin who regularly donates, along with his cousin and business partner Ben, to a handful of community causes.

Meta House is a non-profit organization that helps to end the generational cycle of drug and alcohol addiction by healing women and strengthening families.  Meta House has been blazing new trails in women’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment since their doors opened in 1963. The agency is noted as one of the first residential treatment facilities in the country designed specifically for women.  Knowing that the women served at Meta House want to be good mothers and recognizing that the well-being of children and sobriety of mothers are linked, in 1988, Meta House became one of the first treatment centers to include children in the residential setting.  Mothers and children live together in their residential facility and receive services simultaneously.


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