The Fein Brothers Hidden Vault

In our first blog post I mentioned the article OnMilwaukee wrote about us and our building.  In the article there is a brief mention of a vault along with a few pictures of the vault and its contents, but its location is never revealed.  While the location will still remain a secret, I do have more photos to share with you.

FB Safe 4FB Safe 1FB Inside Safe 3

While there is no hidden money or buried treasure to be found in the hidden vault, there is a lot of history.  Boxes of tissues with perfectly written sales orders are preserved in the vault serving as a record of Fein Brothers’ past.  Previous owner, Simie Fein, hand wrote every sales order on these tissues and stapled each day’s worth of orders together.  What a treat to look back at what restaurants existed nearly 35 years ago and which restaurants are still around today.

FB Tissues 1FB Tissues 2FB Tissues 3

One last treasure I’ll share with you from the vault are Fein Brothers letter openers.  These letter openers were produced as marketing giveaways and a few are still around today.

If you notice the address on the letter openers, you’ll see that it is not our current address.  We moved into our current building on MLK Drive (3rd Street) in 1967, meaning these letter openers are at least 50 years old.  There is so much great history hidden away in this beautiful old building.  If you haven’t yet read the Urban Spelunking article on Fein Brothers, I encourage you to do so.  And next time you’re in the area, stop in and look around.  See if you can find the hidden vault!


*Update* Since the remodel of our Tabletop Essentials showroom, the vault is no longer hidden.  If you walk the perimeter of our showroom you’ll be able to find the vault!

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