We’ve Been Busy

So, I’ve been a horrible, terrible blogger and have not posted anything for a month (cringe).  But we’ve been busy around here and that is great thing for us and for you.  So what could I have possibly been working on to keep me from posting?  Well, a new website for one.  We have a brand new, updated website that we hope you like.  It is a new, updated look with an easier to navigate structure.  We hope that our new site makes it easier to find the information you are looking for without being bogged down by the unnecessary.  It is still a work in progress and we will continue to update and tweak.  The Our Customers page will be updated from what it is now and will continue to update so that we can showcase our customers and the work we do.  Images of our jobs will be constantly updated on our website and on our new Flickr account.  If you have any feedback on the new site, we would love to hear it.

Website snip

We’ve also been busy preparing for a big sale!  October 19-21 we will be holding a huge Inventory Reduction Sale.  We will have a great selection of equipment, new and used, smallwares, china, glassware and furniture at amazing clearance prices.  We will be offering the first 25 customers in the door, each day, a 10% off coupon that can be used on that day’s purchase.  All customers will have the opportunity to earn $5 in Fein Bucks for every $50 spent, to use on their next purchase in November and December.  Every purchase will also receive a free Fein Brothers tote bag.  This is a great opportunity for us to clear through some inventory and for you to get a great deal.  We will be posting more details on our Facebook page and Facebook Event as they come.

Inventory Reduction Sale Flier

Another great event we have been working on is one that gives back to the community.  We are sponsoring 100 local students from four different high schools to attend a Tools of Life and Leadership workshop with Chuck Zamora.  This workshop teaches students the importance of being a leader with a focus on community service and giving back.  We are sponsoring this event with partnership from ManPower who will host the students at their Milwaukee headquarters and provide breakfast and lunch for the students.

Speaking of students, we recently hosted students from the MPS ProStart Program for a cooking demonstration as well as a shopping day for the their cafe.  Students in the ProStart program are taught culinary and restaurant management skills that they can apply towards getting a job or moving on to further culinary training.  Students from Washington High School came to our showroom where we were able to offer a cooking demonstration put on by Chef Louis from The Yes Group.  Chef Louis taught the students about induction cooking, vacuum sealing and the sous vide cooking method.  Students also had the opportunity to ask Chef Louis questions about cooking methods, career paths and the cost of opening a restaurant.  After the demonstration, students were able to shop for items needed to prepare their selected dishes for their school cafe.  We had a great time hosting the students and are looking forward to our next group later this month.

Late October we will have the opportunity to host a handful of students from Shepherds College.  Shepherd College is a post-secondary educational program for students with intellectual disabilities that offers a culinary arts program.  Students from this program will be visiting us for a tour of our showroom as well as a presentation on interview skills, portion control and other pertinent restaurant skills.  We are looking forward to their visit and will keep you updated with pictures of our upcoming events as they come.

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