New Product: Alto-Shaam Vector H Series Multi-Cook Oven

We had the opportunity to learn more about Alto-Shaam‘s new line of ovens, the Vector H Series Multi-Cook Ovens, and were pretty impressed.  These new ovens feature two, three or four separate oven chambers that allow you to control the temperature, cook time and fan speed for each without any flavor transfer.  And the best part is that you don’t need any water or a hood!

Our team visited a local test kitchen to see this oven in action.  The oven we tested had three chambers and when we arrived biscuits were already baking in the lower chamber.  As we settled in and became more familiar with the oven our chef added chicken to the top chamber and salmon to the middle chamber.  He added each pan one at a time, opening the oven door, adding the new product, closing the door then selecting the product from the touchscreen then moving on to the next product.  When the biscuits were done the touchscreen gave a visual and audio alert that the food in the third chamber was done cooking.  Our chef removed the biscuits and added a tray of cookies in its place.  When the chicken and salmon were done pizza and paninis took their place.  Then bacon and veggies, then eggs and open faced sandwiches.  Each time the chef opened the door air curtains held the hot air in the oven and if the door was open for more than 20 seconds, the timer adjusted by a second or two to adjust for the heat loss.

In just 29 minutes all the above mentioned food had been cooked and was spread out before us.  Everything was cooked through and nothing tasted like the other food that had been cooking at the same time.

AltoShaam Vector Demo

The Alto-Shaam website has some great videos demonstrating all these ovens can do along with specs on the ovens.  If this oven sounds like something you would be interested in, please stop in!

Alto ShaamVMC-family-staggered

Below is a breakdown of what was cooked, at what temperature and for how long:

Chamber 1

  • Chicken- 450°, 9:00
  • Bacon- 450°, 7:00
  • Sunnyside Egg- 425°, 3:30
  • Panini- 450°, 6:00

Chamber 2

  • Salmon- 450°, 6:00
  • Frozen Pizza- 425°, 9:00
  • Open Faced Sandwich- 425°, 2:30
  • Roasted Veggies- 450°, 8:30

Chamber 3

  • Biscuits- 325°, 16:33
  • Cookies- 325°, 13:00

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