Hi!  Welcome to our first blog post!  Let me tell you who we are and what you’ll find here.

First off, we’re Fein Brothers, nice to meet you.  We are a restaurant supply store located in Milwaukee, WI.  We sell new and used restaurant equipment, smallwares, china, glassware, restaurant furniture and then some.  Whether you own a restaurant, work in a kitchen, or just enjoy cooking, we’re here to help.  Since 1929, service and our commitment to our customers has been at the heart of what we do.  We really love our customers and relish in their success.  You can expect to see pictures of jobs we’ve done for our customers as well as interviews and stories about them.  Our customers’ success is our success and we love to brag about them, so get ready.

A fun fact about us is that we live in a really cool, old building.  It used to be a furniture store then a Schuster’s Department Store and features archways, a grand, split staircase, a chandelier and a distinguishing marque sign.

FB Exterior Sign

OnMilwaukee wrote a wonderful article on the history of our company and our building, you can check it out here.  We’ll be sharing stories and interviews with the owners and employees later on so you can get to know us better.  We’ll also have an ‘Ask the Expert’ section where you can submit any questions you have about us or our industry.  We want to share new products, recipes, tips and tricks and more with you.  We can’t wait to start sharing with you, please let us know what questions you have for us!


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